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How do I Enhance an Artist's Presence Online?

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Some basic techniques we use to help start and improve a clients online presence.

These days is does not matter if you are a large gallery or an emerging artist still honing your craft, having an engaging online presence is a must. Bios are great and in person events are the go to strategy, but how do you enhance an artists presence online? Here we will provide a few basic tips to help start, nurture and guide your online strategy to continue to promote your artist presence online.

1. Know your audience of collectors.

For an artist this can be difficult since it requires a little self reflection. Do some research, but also ask yourself what perspective or ideas am I trying to convey in my artwork and what collectors would resonate with that perspective. With some simple answers you can then begin getting a clearer picture of the type of collector that buys your art and begin thinking of directing your message to them online.

2. Find what works for you or your team.

In a world where online presence is substantial, creating appealing content to deciding what platforms to use can be intimidating. One trick to find inspiration is to look at a handful of people and/or businesses you like that are performing well. They don't even need to be in the art world to inspire you, just what you yourself connect with online can be a start.

3. Know your artist or artwork and convey it.

When searching for art online, it is hard for collectors to envision the right fit. Whether it be a complex emotion an artist sought to convey or the physical dimensions of a work of art, collectors look to such details before completing a purchase. Get detailed in your descriptions, inspirations, and stories. Thoughtful consideration of all facets of a piece ensures a successful online experience.

3. Video killed the radio star

No only a popular lyric, but sound advice in the digital age. Video can be a powerful way to spread a message and convey an artwork or artists perspective. It may come as a surprise, but collectors enjoy the creative process just as much as artists. while some artist we know would cringe, but recording studio visits, or some of the creative process can be a great way to create bonds with collectors online. One can publish video directly on your site or use a myriad of hosting platforms. In the start of 2022, YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo have the most users, but for functionality you'll need check them yourself.

5. Engage with collectors and follower

No matter if you know a dozen collectors, thousands of followers, or millions of bots. Engage with your audience, minus the bots, nothing can ruin reputations more than buying, using, and inflating followings with bots. What we do mean is engage with your audience, highlight collectors purchases, provide studio visits (online or in person), engage in Q&A's with artists, and create an online space for meaningful interaction.

When buying art, collectors value the physical component. Engaging collectors with the art builds connection and thus motivation to entertain a potential purchase. Art is experiential and relational, so we hope this helps you start to effectively convey an emotional connection through digital mediums with your collectors.

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Written by, Jasmine McClinton Arts Administrator for Art Business Consulting, an arts professional with years of experience in music and fine arts & Pablo Escamilla Director of Operations for Art Business Consulting, and provides specialty guidance in Art Business operations management, he is known for delivering high-value advise for strategic growth.


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