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Since launching our boutique management consultancy firm in 2020 Art Business Consulting, has been focused on serving the art world, including established commercial art organizations, start-ups, and artists. Our coverage continues as we focus on the multiple facets affecting our Art Industry, empowering our partner organizations, and artist. Our hope is to continue adding value in supporting the industry we love with a philanthropic emphasis, continuing to create great partnerships, as we have with Pen+Brush, an organization that has supported artists throughout their 126 year history and many others.

Spring 2021

Summer 2021

Announced the beginning of a journey, full suite of services and lasting partnerships focused on supporting the industry we love.

A supportive member driven community that believes in the visibility of parents in the Art World.

A premier art world report providing the upper echelon of art collectors and dealers with up-to-date information, strategy, and invaluable acumen related to buying and selling.

dedicated to serving the art and antiques community through unrivalled news coverage and analysis. Published every week since 1971, Antiques Trade Gazette has a heritage of authority, integrity and accuracy.

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