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What does it take to be a successful change leader?

Here are some tips from your team at Art Business Consulting:

1. Commit

It becomes difficult to guide change if the leader isn't confident in the greater mission. Maintaining focus on priorities leads to a clear purpose.

2. Communicate

One must communicate what, why, and how the change would be introduced into the workplace. Maintaining a thorough communication strategy is key.

3. Listen

Businesses succeed as a team. So it is necessary for leaders to make room for open dialogue, feedback, and new ideas from the entire group.

4. Collaborate

Don't work in a silo, laying the role of connector, attracting diverse talent, modeling collaboration at the top, and showing a strong hand to keep teams from getting mired in debate. Global virtual teams are the norm, not the exception. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, videoconferencing, and a host of other technologies have put connectivity on steroids and enabled new forms of collaboration that would have been impossible a short while ago.

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